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The New Tennis Blast

The New Tennis Blast

Tennis Blast would love to hear from you so we can learn about your Tennis experiences and needs

Here is our new direction for Tennis 

  • We know that Tennis is a fantastic, iconic sport
  • It’s exciting to play and has countless benefits
  • However, after being a Tennis player, coach and administrator for 4 decades, I am positive Tennis needs many new innovations to make it work for most people

To achieve this, let’s begin with the most important steps to a perfect Tennis experience

  • Be a “Good Sport” and respect all others involved in every activity
  • Character building and personal development
  • Know the history of Tennis
  • Knowhow lucky you are to have the opportunity to learn and play

Tennis Blast’s Quality and Progression

  • Quality
  • Progression of activities and instruction
  • Non-stop fun, exciting action
  • Great value for money
  • Games and Character Building

Massive Benefits of Tennis 

  • We would love to see more people benefit from Tennis
  • The hurdle for most people is understanding and learning the first stages
  • Tennis is really the combination of many sports -running, gymnastics, javelin, basketball or netball, baseball or cricket, moving and stretching in all directions, hunting, catching & throwing with a racquet, bending down,  jumping up, twisting & spinning; like a Decathlon at the Olympics.
  • Physically demanding in all aspects of fitness – speed, agility, endurance, power, flexibility
  • Mentally demanding in all aspects – concentration, patience, determination, resourcefulness, cunning, strategic, tactical, courageous, gutsy, persistent, stubborn, cool, calm and composed

More benefits – social and career

  • I’ve heard many a wise parent say that Tennis is a fantastic social and family sport
  • Meeting new friends through Tennis is great for our mental health and provides a safety net whenever we might need support
  • Travel – as Tennis is an international language
  • Opens doors to jobs, business and friendships.
  • Careers: if Tennis is thoroughly learnt, I believe you will find that the skills and competency you acquire, will assist you too be successful, conquer and win in anything you choose to do
  • Tennis if played correctly is virtually injury free
  • Arguably the best non-body contact sport on the planet

A Wealth of Skills 

  • Tennis is a high skill sport
  • Therefore it takes time; there are no short cuts! which is one of the most common sayings amongst winners
  • The massive scope for learning more skills and fine tuning those skills, will you a special quality: attention to detail and the capacity to never stop improving.
  • Tennis certainly stimulates the brain

Fitness Benefits

  • The fitness acquired through Tennis is very complete
  • It is a great cardio workout, so you burn calories, the heart and lungs will be fine
  • The leg workout combines short sprints and lengthy running in all directions
  • There is explosive movement for the whole body – legs, trunk (core abdominals and back), shoulders, arms and neck
  • The stretching and flexibility is we believe to be the most under-estimated of all fitness components. As we get older,  stretching and flexibility becomes a necessity to enjoy a pain free life; Tennis by nature does help you stretch just by playing
  • We’ve learned that fitness off court is highly advantageous.