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Bankstown – Beverly Hills – Strathfield

At Beverly Hills, Condell Park, Parramatta, Strathfield

Fun, modern group lessons and holiday camps for kids aged 4-12.


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We’ve nurtured hundreds of competition and tournament players from the 80s to the present …….

Australia’s no. 1, Alex Di Minaur started with us at Carss Park in Sydney in 2003,

3 decades of experience +

Special skills and character building Leads to health, travel and careers

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Welcome to The Tennis Blast Academy. A well-established, reputable brand in delivering professional tennis classes for kids of all ages regardless of skills and experience level.

We have some of the best coaches comprising of seasoned players, and experts who help young passionate players develop their skills and build confidence to participate in national and international games.

Tennis Australia Coaches

We pride ourselves on having Kerry and Cindy Dock, top-rated coaches who deliver fun and exciting tennis lessons for kids to groom them as players. They are fiercely committed to helping budding players emerge as hugely talented individuals to excel in this global sport that enjoys massive following in Australia.

World Class Technologies

We understand the importance of using the latest technologies in improving performance in tactical sports like tennis. That’s why our tennis lessons leverage modern technology to help players identify areas of improvement and better overall performance.

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Kids Holiday Tennis Camps

Tennis Blast holiday camps are legendary. Kids learn all the strokes, get fit and have fun, with safety and inspiration. These camps promise great fun for kids as they develop new skills under the experienced supervision of world-class coaches in Sydney.

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Why Tennis is arguably the best sport!

  1. It suits all sexes, all ages and abilities, and all cultural and economic backgrounds
  2. It’s an international, lifetime sport for ages 3 to 93, and an international language
  3. It’s a non-body contact sport which minimises any long term injury
  4. It’s a thinking sport!
  5. Is a sport that promotes self-reliance, independence and responsibility in an individual
  6. Studies show that tennis is the No.1 activity for increasing life expectancy by 9.7 years due to its social aspects

Why Tennis Blast Academy is the leader in the Inner South West

  1. 1. Three generations of players have been involved with our tennis coaching lessons for kids in the Inner West – St George – Canterbury Bankstown triangle
  2. We support coaching, camps, and competitions,
  3. Our technologies are complete and balanced
  4. Innovation that matches your modern lifestyle – variety, action, fun, rewards, commentary
  5. Networking nationally with all parties
  6. Grassroots focussed upwards rather than too elite

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