Tennis Coaches Unite

Tennis Coaches Unite

As a coach and sometimes administrator of almost 40 years, I have looked at the other coaches and administrators many times as competitors but more often as team mates and comrades, much like I saw my mates at school or sport as a kid and later an adult.

  • I remember playing for the combined New South Wales (NSW) Associated schools in Tennis in high school, and working together in our match against the combined NSW GPS schools and countless times playing both school, club and regional Australian Rugby League and Rugby Union Football matches.
  • I feel it is very important that as Tennis Coaches, administrators and players, that we ultimately work as team mates to make Tennis one of the most popular and leading sports as it should be.
  • Understanding this, is the way forward to building our sport and developing sportsmanship and comradery.
  • So therefore, when we think of each other, I hope we can all act together to innovate, adapt, teach, lead and inspire each other to make Tennis the intelligent sport that it I believe it has always been.
  • The goals of which will be to improve the world ultimately, the dream of an efficient and ever improving place that is closing in on perfection.

Code Ethics

  • It’s important that for us as coaches, administrators and players to work together, we need to understand the importance of an industry code of ethics.
  • One of the things I learned over my 4 decades as a coach, is that the close relationship and bond between player and coach is powerful.
  • What is important to get right, is the hierarchy and pyramid and the loyalty and appreciation one has for the past and what has been given and received.
  • Intelligence, good ideals and finally a good understanding and respect for an industries code of ethics will help the sport stay healthy and prosper.
  • To start with, we urge coaches and administrators to think as a team to help and support our clients and players in a united way.
  • And when it comes to the pathway, progression, sharing and sometimes passing over of our players, that we do this with professionalism, thoughtfulness and the good of all – win-win-win for each party.
  • This code of ethics, is a key part of laying a solid foundation to introduce Tennis to the masses and continue to entertain the audience and participants with enduring success.
  • Our belief, is that Tennis is such a great sport and has such a fantastic history, that this is where Tennis is destined to go.

Kerry Dock

Founder, Tennis Blast

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