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Tennis Business Customer Relationship Management Software

For any Tennis coach, centre, school, club needing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Software System – email Kerry

Tennis Blast’s customer relationship management software may be your best option.

Why? The story is that I know that we need a good software system to reduce administration time and easily manage classes. I found that the most important factors in choosing the software and the supplier of the software are

  1. that the software steadily progresses with technology so that it continues to be effficient and user friendly
  2. That the suppliers are in business to make maximum profits, but instead to truly help and support the Tennis industry
  3. That the suppliers are fair and ethical.

Tennis Blast founder, Kerry Dock’s goal is to give all people the opportunity to benefit from being invpolved in Tennis.

  • Therefore our CRM will be supplied as part of a service that will help all Tennis coaches, centres, schools and clubs operate efficiently.
  • Kerry believes that by continually re-organising and improving all aspects of managing Tennis activities, businesses and projects, that it will become a win-win-win-win for all parties involved due to Tennis being such a fantastic sport.
  • Kerry and Tennis Blast’s pledge is to supply all products and services at the best possibe price and under the best possible conditions that is possible.