Tennis Blast Coaching Vs Tennis Blast Fitness

The difference between Tennis Blast Coaching and Tennis Blast Fitness, is that Tennis Blast Coaching covers all aspects of becoming a Tennis player and the character building that is the foundation of becoming a great person.

Tennis Blast Coaching core subjects include

  • Stroke, Fitness, Strategy, Tactics
  • Practice, Equipment, Travel
  • Rules, scoring, definitions, history of Tennis
  • History of other sports, especially the Olympic Games
  • Team, Philosophy, Finance, Business

Tennis Blast Fitness is our special fitness programme that includes

  • co-ordination, warm ups, ball skills
  • Aerobics, strength and power
  • The contact moves, footwork and movement for hitting all strokes and transitioning from different parts of the court in a rally
  • The terminology for Tennis fitness, movement and footwork.

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