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Tennis Blast Coaching Vs Tennis Blast Fitness

Tennis Blast Coaching Vs Tennis Blast Fitness

The difference between Tennis Blast Coaching and Tennis Blast Fitness, is that Tennis Blast Coaching covers all aspects of becoming a Tennis player and the character building that is the foundation of becoming a great person.

Tennis Blast Coaching core subjects include

  • Stroke, Fitness, Strategy, Tactics
  • Practice, Equipment, Travel
  • Rules, scoring, definitions, history of Tennis
  • History of other sports, especially the Olympic Games
  • Team, Philosophy, Finance, Business

Tennis Blast Fitness is our special fitness programme that includes

  • co-ordination, warm ups, ball skills
  • Aerobics, strength and power
  • The contact moves, footwork and movement for hitting all strokes and transitioning from different parts of the court in a rally
  • The terminology for Tennis fitness, movement and footwork.

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