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Bankstown – Beverly Hills – Strathfield

Tennis Blast Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff

Coaching Director:  Kerry Dock

Senior Coaches

  • Simon Causley: Northen Suburbs
  • Cindy Dock:  Strathfield
  • Jackson Hughes: Beverly Hills, Deverall Park
  • Dennis Ling: Beverly Hills
  • Shaun Max: Strathfield
  • Zac Stanisic: Strathfield
  • Jurek Stasiak:  Strathfield & Parramatta
  • Jonathan Tsikilas: Beverly Hills

Matchplay Focussed Coaching for all ages and standards

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Head Organizer  Kerry Dock and the above coaches forming the Blast Sports Events Team, will hold Tennis competitions every month with these goals

  1. matchplay
  2. meeting other positive people
  3. character buliding & fitness
  4. prizes, rankings, titles, CV achievements
  5. representation & travel

Event Type examples

  • singles, doubles,
  • mens ladies, mixed, junior age, seniors

Hygiene Rules from Government Health Orders Apply

  1. Two metre social distancing
  2.  No physical contact
  3.  No touching face during sessions
  4.  Cough sneeze to elbow
  5.  Sanitise hands and equipment after lesson
  6. Limited spectators TBA

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