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David Bailey

David Bailey

David Bailey

David Bailey is one of the world’s leading Tennis movement, footwork & fitness experts.

He is the designer of Tennis Blast.


About David

David left to work at Chris Evert’s and then Nick Bollettieri’s Academies in 2000, but came back to Sydney in 2005 with the Bailey Method Footwork System.

In 2007, he created Tennis Blast, a unique teaching system for Tennis that includes fitness and movement, footwork with self reliance as an overriding theme.

David Bailey is one of the worlds leading footwork specialists.

David studied 30,000 video clips to create a revolutionary new language for Tennis movement, footwork and fitness.

Most valuable to the coach though, is David’s ability to break down his methods down so it is easy for players and coaches of all abilities.


“After Just 4 Weeks of working with David Bailey on my movement and fitness, I went on to win my first title.

In Just 9 months I played in my 1st Open Grand Slam and I’ve risen from #300 to a Ranking of #98 in the world. I can’t overstate the importance of the work that I have done with Dave. It has been such a confidence booster and so great for my mind as well. Now I feel so much more confident and faster on the court and I cope so much better with everything. I can play much longer matches and I feel ready to fight!

– Jarmila Gajdosova, highest ranking of #20 on the WTA Women’s Pro Circuit

Nick Bollettieri, one of The Most Influential people In the world Of Tennis has endorsed David Bailey. David has developed a complete conceptual framework for the baffling array of movement patterns in the pro game. Top coaches around the world, like Nick, have been inspired by David’s work and are already using it on court on a daily basis.”

– John Yandell (U.S.A.), Editor of leading Tennis Education website

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing David Bailey for several years and I can say without hesitation that he’s taught me a lot of things that is going to help me; and anytime anybody helps me they gotta’ be damn good!

No matter what coach teaches you, there is one part of the game you MUST have control of and that is – having a solid foundation and complete control of your body when you make contact with the ball…which means, you have to know how to move to the ball, make contact…and then recover in order to repeat that process over and over. I’m sure no matter what level of play you are on when you watch David Bailey’s DVDs, with or without your coach you will benefit from it.”

– Legendary Tennis Coach, Nick Bollettierri

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