Private lessons are a vital part of the programme


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Private Lessons speed up technical progress – for families, adults, players of any age or standard 

  • Families with 1-2 parents and 1-3 kids are popular with our clients
  • Adults of all ages and standards we have 1-3 player private lessons
  • We recommend 3-5 lessons for any player, but our tournament players all have continuing private lessons
  • We recommend that the private lesson be used to trouble shoot specific areas a player identifies after matchplay.
  • The private lessons that we do are guaranteed to be world class and achieve the highest possible improvement in player performance in both the long and short term.
  • We experiment and test all methods and consistently inspire and lift every student in all aspects of sport, character and Tennis skills. 

Subject Areas

  1. Stroke style, accuracy, consistency and power
  2. Footwork, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance
  3. Tactics and strategy
  4. Mental attitude and sports psychology
  5. Work ethic
  6. Practice methods

Book a Private Lesson with Cindy Dock – Cindy was 18 year old Australian superstar Alex Di Minaur’s first coach

email coaching director – Kerry Dock – re basic to advanced private lesson programmes

Adult lessons & events

Australia's no. 1 player, Alex Di Minaur, started with us at Kogarah Bay in 2003

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