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Founded Tennis Blast in 2008 with David Bailey

Founded Tennis Blast in 2008 with David Bailey

Tennis Blast has a solid history in the field of Tennis coaching reaching back to the 1970s when Australia was the leading force in world Tennis, and is one of NSW’s most respected professional Tennis coaching teams. It has been established since 1984 in Sydney and has been operating under the Tennis Blast banner since 2008.

  • The Tennis Blast brand stands for quality, integrity, dedication, character building and most importantly, good sportsmanship.
  • Tennis Blast has accumulated the technology and experiences of many Tennis enthusiasts, players, coaches and experts from the East Coast of Australia.
  • In September 2007, Tennis Blast was formed with David Bailey and Kerry Dock the key educators on the Tennis Blast team.
  • David Bailey was NSW’s official strength and conditioning trainer in the 1990s and worked at the world famous Nick Bollieteri’s Tennis Academy and Chris Evert’s Tennis Academy, both in Florida from 2001-2004. David began to specialise in footwork in 2000 and is credited with being one of the world’s leading footwork experts and creating a whole new language for Tennis with terminology for every footwork movement in Tennis in 2005. David has lectured on every continent and has a worldwide following.
  • We now sell educational tennis books and videos online suitable for players, coaches, parents, fitness trainers and school physical education teachers.

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