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Bankstown – Beverly Hills – Strathfield

Deverall Park Bankstown Tennis Lessons

Tennis Blast specialises in quality group lessons for ages 6-12.

  • Address: Deverall Park, 2Ethel St Condell Park, in the City of Bankstown, New South Wales.

Lesson Content

  1. Modern stroke and footwork technique,
  2. Tennis Specific Fitness
  3. Sports Psychology
  4. Fun Games
  5. Tennis etiquette good sportsmanship, a high level of discipline and character building.

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Coaches & Lessons

  • Graded group lessons with 3-8 players.
  • Total body fitness is included for all ages and standards
  • Also, teamwork, rules and definitions, basic tactics, sports psychology, mental toughness, work ethic and self practice
  • Head Coach, Brad Svreck is a qualified member of the AATC (Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches) and has over 20 years coaching experience
  • Coaching Director Kerry Dock oversees the programme

Deverall Park [Bankstown]


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