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Coaching Technologies

The Tennis Blast Academy’s coaching programme is based on real Tennis match-play needs.

Our senior coaches are responsible for researching the world’ best players and coaches, and consulting with specialists in each area of Tennis education.

All the below technologies are used in beginner, intermediate, advanced and high performance programmes to suite age, ability and standard.

Modern stroke and footwork techniques used by the world’s leading players.

This includes

  • Grips, strokes, swing shapes and swing lines.
  • Footwork – offensive, rally and defensive.
  • Movement and Fitness – speed, agility, power, endurance, flexibility.

Tennis Blast’s unique, skill-based fitness programme was designed by David Bailey.

  • Tennis Blast partners with Bailey Tennis footwork (link to
  • The Bailey Method of footwork is used extensively in all Tennis Blast’s coaching and camp programmes.

Play on different surfaces and in various conditions, Tactics, match-play, tournament scheduling.

  • Our advanced and high performance programmes are the result of 4 decades of experience in competition and tournament play.
  • The advanced and high performance coaches have played and coached at international level and are chosen on their coaching ability, standard, qualification and practical experience. They are the best available in Sydney.

Mental toughness and sports psychology.

  • Sports psychology is a major part of our coaching technologies since mental attitude and planning is so important.
  • All of our students will gradually acquire mental toughness and understand how to fine tune their mind, emotions and energy both on and off the court.


  • Health and nutrition
  • Rehabilitation, recovery, injury prevention.
  • Equipment, racquet technology, how to restring and re-grip racquets.
  • Sports modelling, acting and media.