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Beverly Hills

Coolabah Street

4-5pm beginners

5-6pm intermediate

6-7pm intermediate

4.30pm intermediate

5-6pm intermediate

6-7pm intermediate

6-7pm beginners

3-6pm private lessons 5-6pm beginners 1

6-7pm beginners 2


Beverly Hills

Welfare Avenue

9-10am beginners

10-11am intermediate

11-12n intermediate


Burwood Park, Park Avenue.

4-5pm beginners

5-6pm intermediate

6-7pm intermediate

7-9pm adults

Condell Park

Deverall Park,

2 Ethel Street.

4-5pm beginners 1

5-6pm beginners 2

6-7pm intermediate

7-8pm intermediate

8-9pm adults

Strathfield  10am-12noon



Holiday Camps at

  1. Beverly Hills – Coolabah street 
  2. Burwood: Burwood Park, Park Avenue 
  3. Bankstown: Deverall Park, 2 Ethel Street, Condell Park 


  1. Stage 1: learn Tennis for fun, fitness & friendship
  2. Stage 2: train to compete, challenge oneself, high level character building
  3. Stage 3: professional sporting careers

Assessment & Programme

  1. At the beginning and continually during the first year, we will assess each player, so we can together set goals and design a suitable programme
  2. The programme will initially include group lessons, fitness sessions and holiday camps
  3. Tennis Blast group lessons are unique in that they aim to provide over the duration of each term, high quality coaching in all aspects of Tennis and sport
  4. Private lessons in most cases will only be needed if the student’s preference is to compete in local competitions or state tournaments.
  5. Our high performance programme includes extensive independent practice, private lessons, training blocks, sessions with specialists and tournament travel.
  6. We recommend that you enrol for 12 months to give us and your child a reasonable opportunity to achieve goals


  1. Players can start off with basic equipment, but to compete, there is the need to budget for the necessary shoes, racquets, string and restrings, clothing, accessories and nutrition – we recommend that we discuss this fully before deciding on a progrmme.
  2. Group lessons are affordable and are reduced where players wish to train for more hours each week.
  3. Private lessons are required to troubleshoot player deficiencies and build strengths.

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