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Tennis Blast’s value statement

Tennis Coaches Unite

As a coach and sometimes administrator of almost 40 years, I have looked at the other coaches and administrators many times as competitors but more often as team mates and comrades, much like I saw my mates at school or sport as a kid and later an adult.

  • I remember playing for the combined New South Wales (NSW) Associated schools in Tennis in high school, and working together in our match against the combined NSW GPS schools and countless times playing both school, club and regional Australian Rugby League and Rugby Union Football matches.
  • I feel it is very important that as Tennis Coaches, administrators and players, that we ultimately work as team mates to make Tennis one of the most popular and leading sports as it should be.
  • Understanding this, is the way forward to building our sport and developing sportsmanship and comradery.
  • So therefore, when we think of each other, I hope we can all act together to innovate, adapt, teach, lead and inspire each other to make Tennis the intelligent sport that it I believe it has always been.
  • The goals of which will be to improve the world ultimately, the dream of an efficient and ever improving place that is closing in on perfection.

Code Ethics

  • It’s important that for us as coaches, administrators and players to work together, we need to understand the importance of an industry code of ethics.
  • One of the things I learned over my 4 decades as a coach, is that the close relationship and bond between player and coach is powerful.
  • What is important to get right, is the hierarchy and pyramid and the loyalty and appreciation one has for the past and what has been given and received.
  • Intelligence, good ideals and finally a good understanding and respect for an industries code of ethics will help the sport stay healthy and prosper.
  • To start with, we urge coaches and administrators to think as a team to help and support our clients and players in a united way.
  • And when it comes to the pathway, progression, sharing and sometimes passing over of our players, that we do this with professionalism, thoughtfulness and the good of all – win-win-win for each party.
  • This code of ethics, is a key part of laying a solid foundation to introduce Tennis to the masses and continue to entertain the audience and participants with enduring success.
  • Our belief, is that Tennis is such a great sport and has such a fantastic history, that this is where Tennis is destined to go.

Kerry Dock

Founder, Tennis Blast

Tennis Blast Coaching Vs Tennis Blast Fitness

The difference between Tennis Blast Coaching and Tennis Blast Fitness, is that Tennis Blast Coaching covers all aspects of becoming a Tennis player and the character building that is the foundation of becoming a great person.

Tennis Blast Coaching core subjects include

  • Stroke, Fitness, Strategy, Tactics
  • Practice, Equipment, Travel
  • Rules, scoring, definitions, history of Tennis
  • History of other sports, especially the Olympic Games
  • Team, Philosophy, Finance, Business

Tennis Blast Fitness is our special fitness programme that includes

  • co-ordination, warm ups, ball skills
  • Aerobics, strength and power
  • The contact moves, footwork and movement for hitting all strokes and transitioning from different parts of the court in a rally
  • The terminology for Tennis fitness, movement and footwork.

Our favourite movies for the sports person

The Wizard of Oz

  • There’s no place like home amongst you friends and family
  • And you can earn courage, brains and a love from life experiences.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams.


  • The story of courage and determination.
  • And the pitfalls of being the champ.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams.

The Karate Kid

  • A good mentor, good ideals and hard work will assist the young person find the character traits for success.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams.

Happy Gilmore

  • The importance of staying calm and not getting angry; staying in a happy mood.
  • Our saying is, that you can only give 100% when you’re in a good mood, is far better than when you give 100% in a bad mood.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

  • Never give up hope.
  • The honest and generous will prosper.
  • Good kids and bad eggs are usually produced by parents.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams.


  • Talent is not everything.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Don’t give up on your dreams.

Character Building: What has the Wizard of Oz got to do with Tennis

Q: What has The Wizard of Oz got to do with Tennis?
A: Character Building and never forgetting to “Believe in Yourself!

  • Most people have the qualities to be successful in anything they do, but only by experiences in life are these character traits ever developed and used.
  • That is why so many people believe that it is adversity, not prosperity that breeds success.
  • Here at Sydney Private Tennis Academy, we put our students in situations or circumstances that develop these qualities.
  • They include the ability to think and concentrate when under pressure, intensity of effort, relaxed focus, dedication, discipline, determination and desire (the 4 Rs); courage, patience, composure, persistence, initiative and resourcefulness; passion and loyalty.
  • This is achieved where each person is placed in an exaggerated situation where they need these qualities in greater quantity to reach their ultimate goal, survive or achieve what they truly desire.
  • With this comes with a better understanding of their purpose in life.
  • By coping with intensity and pressure that is sweetened by the fun, excitement and challenge of their favourite activity; like playing a great sport, including Tennis.
  • Due to genetics and a persons upbringing in the early years, which one has no control over, different people may develop at different times in their life and acquire various character traits to varying degrees. This is why some people need more or less assistance at different times.
  • Most of us have heard of the popular story and movie called “The Wizard of Oz,” where the Tinman seeks a heart, the Scarecrow a brain and the Lion believes he is a coward and badly needs to find some courage.
  • They survive the ordeal of finding the Wizard and the attacks of the Wicked Witch of the West. Their characters are put to the test. In their bid to help Dorothy, whom they come to love with great passion, the 3 heroes develop all the skills and character traits they are searching for and , survive, save Dorothy’s dog Toto and reach the Wizard.
  • Dorothy shows great patience and determination and dedication to their cause and acts as the catalyst and in many ways a teacher and mentor to the trio.
  • Dorothy, the Scarecrow the Tinman and the Lion gain every character trait and good human qualities from the true to life experiences of adventure and endeavour.
  • Their gifts are earned without pain because they are rewarded with brains, heart and courage without even knowing they had earned them in their adventure.
  • Due to their love and consideration for each other the four characters set goals together and conquer them. Having lived their dream, the three heroes find the answer to all their questions.
  • They had learned to Believe in Themselves!


  • Overcoming our greatest fears, setting goals and achieving them are among the most satisfying, enjoyable and healthy activities in life.
  • This process is necessary build a strong, rich and resourceful individual capable of getting through the many obstacles, ordeals, problems and disappointments in life.
  • One must be abled to enjoy life, love, happiness, ecstasy, success, winning, excitement, and fun yet also live through and accept injustice, defeat, failure, uncertainty, pain, sadness, despair, loneliness and death.
  • The answer to all this lies in believing in yourself, resourcefulness and the strength of mind to combat every possible situation that can arise in the many twists and turns of life.
  • Only the toughest will survive.
  • So Mental Toughness, a key word in life, especially in a demanding sport like tennis, is something we identify, teach and develop in every student and staff member.
    We insist that each generation of students evolves with a great attitude and passes this character building experience and knowledge down to the next wave of students; creating and always improving our recipe to guide others to achieve everything we ever dream about.
  • Our philosophy is that if you are positive, have the desire and never give up on your dream, you will attract and achieve the dream you hold in your mind.
  • As a team, we can make our dreams come true. Don’t forget that patience, forgiveness and tolerance are valuable qualities too in character. Life is a process of birth, growing up and then growing more and more and more.
  • We all make mistakes, learn from them and if given the opportunity will mature and prosper.
  • Everyone deserves a second chance.

Kerry Dock Founder (December 2000)

Why I love the Tennis Blast Fitness Programme!

The Tennis Blast Story

I met David Bailey in 1991 when my sister Cindy was 14 and started strength and conditioning training. I remember walking through the main driveway of White City from the Rushcutters Bay entrance an seeing Cindy and one of her team-mates, Melissa Dause, carrying a thick folder each, something Tennis players never did until David came along.

David called his first works on Tennis fitness and movement “Balanced Action.”

He thoroughly documented the movement and exercises that he concluded were necessary to be a professional Tennis player complete with stick diagrams and directions.

The results were that every player that David tutored on Tennis fitness, strength and conditioning became successful Tennis players. In this group, Jelena Dokic became the most well known, reaching no. 4 in the world. Melissa became no. 2 in Australia, and Glenn Knox became no. 1 in Australia. There were several other players who had similar success and my sister Cindy went on to win the 18s Shell Super series, the Tieldsley Shield Singles (Australia’s premier school-girls tournament), top 600 in the world and 2 WTA satellite doubles tournaments.

A few years later, David had become the most respected Tennis movement and fitness specialist in Sydney. In 2000, David made a decision to focus more on Tennis Footwork. Tennis footwork and fitness certainly are closely linked. He developed a system called the Bailey Method.

David decided to move to Florida and worked for 18 months at Chris Evert’s Academy, and then started to work with Nick Bollettieri’s world famous Tennis Academy.

David and Nick made a Footwork DVD together.

In 2005, David moved back to Sydney and made what we call “The Original Bailey Method DVD.”

It was in 2007, that I met with David and we filmed the “Tennis Blast Total Body Workout” Programme.

When we did this, I believe that this fitness programme that David created for Tennis is the world’s first skill based Tennis fitness programme. I like to call it the core fitness sections that a player needs to train in, to prepare to become a competitive Tennis player.

Why I love the Tennis Programme so dearly

  • As a Tennis player, you know that you need to be fit, but the Tennis Blast Fitness programme makes getting fit fun.
  • The Tennis Blast Fitness Programme covers all aspects of Tennis specific fitness and the footwork to hit every type of stroke, anywhere on the Tennis court; the footwork for hitting Tennis strokes is called a CONTACT MOVE. Please note this term. the CONTACT MOVE.
  • The Tennis Blast Fitness Programme includes the footwork and contact moves for all Forehands, Backhands, Serves, Smashes and Volleys – Offensive, Rally and Defensive.
  • The Tennis Blast Fitness Programme covers the fitness areas of (1) Warm Ups, (2) Speed & Agility, (3) Tennis Aerobics, (4) Tennis Specific Strength, (5) Flexibility, (6) Injury Prevention.
  • As a Tennis Coach, it was the Tennis Blast Fitness Programme that gave my coaching variety, balance and the foundation to as David states, to “Develop the Tennis Athlete.”
  • Without Tennis Blast, I would have lost the passion for coaching Tennis, and I and all my students would never have been as all-round fit.
  • The Tennis Blast Fitness Programme made getting fit for Tennis more affordable and created much more of a team atmosphere for our players and families.
  • The icing on the case though, is that I believe that the Tennis Blast Fitness Programme is the only thing you will need to stay physically fit and healthy as you get older, since it covers every aspect of fitness and the common sense in keeping maintaining the body and staying young.
  • Thank you David Bailey for creating the Tennis Blast Fitness Programme!

My investment in David and Tennis Blast

  • As a full time professional, enthusiastic, inquisitive, scientific and technically minded Tennis coach from the 80s to the present, in 2007, I loved David’s influence on Tennis players and coaches, his university type approach and the fun yet effective Tennis specific fitness he brought to Tennis here in Sydney, that when some marketing experts asked me to find the best fitness trainer in Tennis, I had no hesitation in nominating David Bailey.
  • There were some other great fitness trainers in the Tennis industry at the time, but David Bailey was the only on who had documented a comprehensive programme, researched Tennis movement and the top professionals as to what they were doing and eating, and also had a progressive system and had created terminology and in fact a new language for Tennis.
  • The New York Times wrote an article on Tennis movement noting the movement of Roger Federer and praising David for his study of footwork and his revolutionary concepts on movement and the Contact Move  – see New York Times 2009/08/31
  • So from 2007 to the present, I invested many thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to help David Bailey present his fitness programme to you.
  • So here now, we present to you:

Tennis Blast Total Body Fitness

Best of luck with your Tennis and fitness,

Kerry Dock