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Tennis Blast’s value statement

Tennis Blast Variety

  • Affordable & Value
  • Convenient
  • User friendly
  • Games for all standards
  • A variety of Tennis related contests
  • Fine tuned Character development

Tennis Blast’s A University For Tennis

It is my goal to help you optimise your life. My first tip is for you to play some Tennis. Here is Tennis Blast’s guide to the learning and study of Tennis

  • We like to think technically, scientifically but also instinctively when I approach tennis as a sport, hobby or profession.
  • Nutrition: fuel, what you eat and drink, will determine your energy for play.
  • Sleep and Rest: are both necessary to have energy.
  • Fitness: to play well, you need strength, endurance (stamina), agility, explosive power, flexibility.
  • Mental Fitness: calm state of mind, willingness to learn and work, the patience to wait for results, the character to deal with losses and wins properly.
  • Stroke Technique: the study of how to hold and swing the racquet.
  • Footwork: the study of how to move and place the feet correctly to strike the ball.
  • Tactical and Strategy: the study of how to play matches and find solutions to defeat and opponent.

The Journey

  • Tennis covers physical and mental aspects so comprehensively that your hunger to learn and improve will grow.
  • Your work ethic will increase.
  • Your appetite for learning will grow.
  • Your athleticism will increase.
  • Your character will change – and be careful, don’t become self centred, selfish or egotistical when you start getting better and better.
  • You will definitely get healthier, look better and gain in confidence.

To Compete

  • My friend and first ever strength and conditioning coach, Luke Borregine used to say: “Do you want to COMPETE.”
  • Luke was a 4 times Olympic Australian Coach.
  • The word compete is a key one; to compete takes courage, commitment and belief.
  • It becomes an obsession, a habit and a way of life.
  • Once you start to compete, it can possess you, drive you, even cause you to have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
  • Why? Because you won’t want to stop until you achieve your goal.

The following are some tips if you’re just starting out in Tennis.

  • Enjoy each step: whether you are a beginner or a top pro or a A, B, C or D grade player, your enjoyment and progress can always be great.
  • Tennis is a fantastic sport for many reasons.
  • The physical fitness you receive is just priceless.
  • You will run, stretch, bend and leap into the air.
  • You will breath hard, your heart rate will go up and all your muscles will get used.
  • Don’t worry if you get sore, you really can’t hurt yourself playing Tennis if you’re careful not to go to hard and play with common sense.
  • It’s like driving a car or a skate board or going shopping or visiting a place.
  • Explore, baby steps, trial and error.
  • Listen to your teacher, friends and filter through the information you have about how to play Tennis

Teachers, Coaches, Friends who play Tennis, Magazines, Books, Videos.

  • Like going to school, college or doing any course, when you learn Tennis, at the end, you might say that you have a certificate, diploma or degree in Tennis.
  • So you can get through with various grades – a pass, credit, distinction or high distinction. Or simply A, B, C, D with pluses or minuses attached.
  • Can I say after playing Tennis for nearly 50 years and teaching for nearly 40 years, that Tennis is a life long course that links, in my opinion almost every subject, topic and area of life.
  • I do feel like playing Tennis, challenging myself to be better and teaching Tennis as a profession and business, has helped me to understand and know about a lot of things in my life.
  • The greatest thing has always been enjoying the sport and assisting others, a never ending number of people to also enjoy Tennis and the things that go with it, too.

These are the hierarchy of the ways you can practice Tennis.

  • Swing your racquet in front of a mirror.
  • Hit a ball against a wall.
  • Hit on a ball machine.
  • Get a friend to throw balls to you.
  • Have a hit with a player of similar standard.
  • Have a group Tennis lesson.
  • Have a private Tennis lesson.

Good Luck, Kind Regards Kerry Dock