Tennis Blast Fitness and Footwork Videos

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  1. The aerobics are to warm up and are continuous throughout any game of Tennis or practice session.
  2. The strength is vital for both explosive power, endurance and injury prevention. The abdominal, upper body and leg strength exercises in Tennis Blast are simple, fun and effective.
  3. The groundstroke contact moves, which cover offensive, rally and defensive Forehand and Backhand footwork are the biggest break through in tennis footwork according to many.
  4. See here the New York Times article written about David Bailey’s contact move footwork for Tennis which is included in the Tennis Blast programme.
  5. The serve, return and approach to the net footwork can be used every time you play or coach Tennis. This is also on the Tennis Blast App.
  6. The flexibility in the Tennis Blast programme are the basic, core exercises that can keep you injury free.
  7. In my 40 years as a coach, I highly recommend these video clips that have verbal instructions from David Bailey, our master Tennis specific fitness and footwork specialist as a must for players, parents or coaches to use as their basis for teaching players individually or large groups in each of these movement skills. I use the theory from this programme every time I step on the court as a player and coach.

Kerry Dock, Coaching Director of Tennis Blast