Tennis Blast Coaching and Fitness caters for all ages and abilities

When David Bailey and I worked side by side for a couple of years, we developed the Tennis Blast program by adding scores of variations.

Schools ages 6-9

When we worked with kids 6-9 years of age in classes of up to 30 at a time, I experienced David’s genius in breaking down our fitness and Tennis coaching method so even the least co-ordinated or ones with learning disabilities could succeed and enjoy fitness, ball skills and hitting balls with stylish Tennis strokes.

David said to many times, that when your students misbehave, that we must look at ourselves and our lesson content. We also believe strongly in always doing something different to keep the interest of our classes.

At the schools we used cones, coloured markers, fences, walls and of course soft balls and step by step went through each basic movement, ball skill, eye hand reaction drills, the main strokes and footwork in detail.

It was hard work, but we now that the progress our kids made in one hour each week for 3-6 months was optimal.

Ladies Tone With Tennis

every lady can learn the movements and benefit from the total body workout of Tennis Blast Fitness. Cardio, calorie-burning, leg workouts, abdominal workouts, upper body band workouts and the fun of hitting balls while keeping total femininity are why David Bailey and I recommend ladies of any age and ability to “Tone with Tennis Blast.”

Men’s Pump

Tennis Blast Pump for Men blends Old School Fitness with the Tennis Biomechanics of the Tennis Blast Fitness Programme. This includes hill running, steps, dumb-bells or even bricks, push ups, chin-ups, dips and extensive interval sprints

Seniors and Aged Care 65 years old +

Believe it or not, when my Mum had a stroke, for 2 years when she was 83-85 years of age, I encouraged her to do a little of Tennis Blast. When walking on flat ground, up steps and while sitting in a chair in the lounge-room. I also did it with an 85 year old lady named Veronica hitting balls on a court even though she had only ever played golf before and she really enjoyed it.

Using the core Tennis Blast Fitness Programme minus the racquet, ball and Tennis strokes and footwork, the core movements plus our all important training philosophy has helped my late father’s secretary Rita at the age of 75 to understand, that she must exercise, go through discomfort and accept that the saying “No Pain No Gain,” is an acceptable principle to assist the aged in preventing accelerated ild age.

High Performance Players

On fitness and footwork with David Bailey

“After just 4 weeks of working on my fitness and footwork with David Bailey, I went on to win my first title. Not only did my ranking jump from about 300 to 98, I am now a Grand Slam Main Draw Competitor! I can hardly believe it myself! In Just 9 months I played in my 1st Open Grand Slam and rose to a ranking of 64 in the world.”

– JARMILA GAJDOSOVA, former World # 24

Our philosophy that we owe a huge debt to David Bailey for include

  1. No Shorts Cuts
  2. The 90% rule – 90% is better than 100% effort when you are working on fitness, since you need to relax and enjoy
  3. Flow like water my friend – from Bruce Lee
  4. Foot Work, not Foot Walk
  5. The discipline of training in conditions and at times that others wouldn’t, is what makes the difference.